Friday, 8 March 2013

Back To The Future Part III (1990)

Back To The Future Part III (1990) is the second science fiction adventure comedy sequel directed by Robert Zermeckis who wrote the screenplay with Bob Gale. 

DADDY: What did you think of the movie? 

LILLY: I thought it was great.

DADDY: Yeah it's better than the second one. I liked that it is set in the old West.

LILLY: I liked that it was set in the past too.

DADDY: Who was your favourite character?

LILLY: Old "Doc" Brown again.

DADDY: Yeah and I thought it was cool that he fell in love.

LILLY: Yeah.

DADDY: What was your favourite moment?

LILLY: I liked the bit with the train at the end.

DADDY: Yes that was really exciting and I love steam trains.

LILLY: Me too!

DADDY: Would you recommend this to your friends?

LILLY: Yes but you would have to see the first two movies.

DADDY: Of course but I think this is a lot better than the second one.

LILLY: I have to agree.

DADDY: How many stars would you give it? .

LILLY: You mean gigawatts.

DADDY: Yes, how many of those?

LILLY: 5018 million billion gigawatts.

DADDY: Me too.

DADDY: Would you like to go on a steam train?

LILLY: Oh yes.

DADDY: We will do that then there is one that runs from Brisbane to Toowoomba.

LILLY: Cool!

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