Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Mummy (1999)

The Mummy (1999) is an adventure horror film directed by Stephen Sommers and written by him and John L. Balderston. It is a very loose remake of the 1932 film of the same name which starred Boris Karloff. Two groups of adventurers looking for the hidden wealth of Egypt accidentally awaken an ancient evil.

DADDY: What did you think of the movie? 

LILLY: I thought it was magnificent.

DADDY: Was it too scary for you?


DADDY: I told you only a few people died in the movie.

LILLY: You were wrong.

DADDY: I think the film is very exciting and funny.

LILLY: I thought it was a bit gross.

DADDY: Imhotep is a bit icky.


DADDY: Who was your favourite character?

LILLY: I would have to say Rick (Brendan Fraser) because he saves the day.

DADDY: I liked Evelyn's brother Jonathan (John Hannah) because he is British and funny.

DADDY: What was your favourite moment?

LILLY: I liked the bit when Jonathan is hanging onto the planes wing and Rick asks him if he is OK?

DADDY: Do I bloody look like I'm OK?


DADDY: That's my favourite moment too.

DADDY: Would you recommend this to your friends?

LILLY: Yes because it is a bit scary but very funny.

DADDY: I love this film.

DADDY: How many scarabs would you give it? .

LILLY: I'm going to give it ten.

DADDY: Me too.

DADDY: Your mummy can look a bit scary in the morning.

DADDY and LILLY: Imhotep! Imhotep! Imhotep!


  1. So glad you both enjoyed!

    one of my all time favourites!

    K :-)

  2. It is a movie I can happily watch again and again.