Thursday, 27 September 2012

Matilda (1996)

Matilda (1996) is a fantasy film directed by Danny DeVito and based upon another story by Roald Dahl.

DADDY: What did you think of the movie? 

LILLY: I thought it was really funny.

DADDY: I thought it was great a great film too.

DADDY: Who was your favourite character?

LILLY: I liked Matilda because she has magic powers, but I also liked the person who spoke at the beginning.

DADDY: You mean the narrator? That was Danny DeVito who also played Matilda's father and directed the film.

LILLY: I thought that was him too.

DADDY: I liked Matilda the best but her family were horrible.

LILLY: I agree.

DADDY: What was your favourite moment?

LILLY: I liked the bit when her dad's hair turned blonde.

DADDY: I liked that too but my favourite moment was when he glues his hat to his head. Don't ever do that to me.

LILLY: OK I will!

DADDY: Would you recommend this to your friends?

LILLY: Yes because it is awesome.

DADDY: It is and based upon another great story by Roald Dahl.

LILLY: I love his stories.

DADDY: Me too.

LILLY: I want to give this twenty stars

DADDY: Oh alright then if you insist and I will too.


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